A Course in Weight Loss

I just started to read, A Course in Weight Loss, by Marianne Williamson. This book is not about telling you what to eat, but rather, how your relationship with food has caused you to gain weight. Maybe not even so much your relationship with food, but how some people for whatever reason, choose to eat instead of dealing with their emotions and feelings.

If you are a person who feels happy and content with their current weight and knows their life is in perfect balance, you can skip reading this post : ) For everyone else, please continue to read.

I know I have blogged about this topic in the past, but as I read lesson one in the book I was reminded of how extra weight is not just the cause of your problems, but rather the symptoms. In Lesson One, the author lists about 15-20 words. Words such as jealousy, excess responsibility, anger, fear, unforgiveness, etc. These are the emotions you have used to build a wall to seperate you from the rest of the world. These are the bricks of excess weight.

The exercise is to write what comes to mind for each word, in how the word relates to your life. Once you write, “I am angry because…”  or “I am afraid of…” for each word, you imagine releasing or crushing each word so that you can break down the wall. She encourages you to ask for divine guidance to help you with this mental task.

I know it was only the first lesson, but I can honestly say that for me, not only did each word resonate, but I imagined each word as a 2 lb brick. I pictured each word written on a large brick and mentally “crushed” each brick and allowed it to evaporate. This was very powerful for me and although I know it didn’t change my physical weight (yet), it sure did change my mental weight. As Marianne states, “this weight was on your mind before it was on your body”. Think about that statement, once you get it – you GET IT! You have to change your mind before your body will change. Body follows mind.

So far, the book is excellent. I really appreciate how the book does not attack food and does not encourage dieting, but rather, encourages you to cure yourself from the inside out. Once your mind is “fixed”, I strongly believe that your excess weight will drop off your frame in a very natural and healthy way. You will begin to take better care of yourself. You will begin to eat healthier and make activity a part of each day. Not because a diet program is telling you what to eat and how to exercise, but because your internal wisdom will be leading the way. And that, my friends, is the best weight loss program in the world. Blessings!

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