Family Fun and 10 New Workout Ideas

For the holiday weekend, maybe you will find yourself with a bit of extra time and can try a new type of exercise. Did you know that if you are stuck in an exercise rut, you will burn fewer calories as your body has adapted to the same resistance. The article link below gives some ideas that you most likely have never tried or maybe never even have heard of, but keep in mind, you don’t need to sign up for a class or go to the gym to try a new exercise.

Here are some FREE ideas to try right in the Philly neighborhood:

1. Take the bikes or strollers and walk around the Fairmount Park Loop. Start at Art Museum and work your way down towards Falls Bridge.

2. While at the Art Museum, run up and down the front steps with your arms in the air. You go Rocky!

3. Sneak over to the neighbors trampoline and remember how great it is to be a kid.

4. Take the walking tour of Laurel Hill Cemetary, lots of famous people are there and it gives great views of the river. The headstones are incredibly ornate and it almost feels like a sculpture garden. Have kids bring paper and crayons to create cool rubbings.

5. Check out the Smith Playground, it’s huge and has the coolest playground equipment around. Kids and parents can get exercise and learn some cool physics!

6. Head up to Ringing Rocks park in Buck’s County. Kids will have a good time scrambling over the huge boulders and seeing if they actually “ring”.

If you don’t live in the Philly area, I am sure you can find similar activities to do near you. And if your normal workout routine is starting to feel like a bore, check out the article below to get some new ideas!


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