Halloween Survival Tips

Here is a great article on how to survive all the Halloween treats without feeling guilty. I love her books and site, very helpful to those who are trying to control their weight without dieting.


This was the first year that I actually waited until this week to buy candy for the Trick or Treaters. In the past, I would be in Sam’s club in September and get swayed into buying a jumbo bag of candy for the Trick or Treaters and the kids and I would eat half the bag before Halloween night. Also, this year I bought candy that other people in the family like but I don’t. This wasn’t hard because I am a candy snob and really only like Twix and Milky Way bars. I don’t like chocolate and peanuts together so I bought Peanut Butter cups to hand out on Halloween. I like to hand out non-candy items too- individual lip gloss pots leftover from my sister’s baby shower, Fast food kids meal toys, bags of chedder Sun Chips, and leftover party favors.

Happy Halloween Everyone- save the Milky Ways for me ; )

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