Happy Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Did you know that the month of October is National Eat Together, Eat Better Month? Actually, it was news to me too, but I think it is a wonderful idea. When families eat together, they usually eat healthier too.

September is a month that is so full of chaos that I feel like I haven’t seen my whole family in one place (including the dinner table) for a while. But, now that it is October, things have settled down and we are getting used to the new routine for this school year. It changes every year, but usually involves me schlepping kids around at least a few days a week.

I have found myself flipping through some new “recipe” magazines such as Every Day with Rachel Ray and pulling out my Fix it and Forget it Crock Pot book. We were becoming a little too regular at the local pizza place, and even I, one who is not a huge fan of making dinner every night, am getting a little tired of take-out.

Here is a link to a great article on how to get back to eating with your family again, and why it is so beneficial.

What are your great ideas on how to make eating as a family a priority?

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  1. Luckily, my husband often works from home so we are able to eat together as a family regularly. However, when the schedule gets crazy and the afterschool activities prevent us from eating together, we make sure to have our weekend meals together. Even if it’s breakfast!

  2. You are lucky! Weekend meals, for us, are usually family meals as well. I make pancakes almost every weekend and that usually will get the crowd to sit together, nobody likes cold pancakes 🙂

  3. We get together every Monday night to have a family meal. Our children have moved out of home and it is a great time to get together and share stories about our week and life. It has become a bit of a tradition and has been working well for us for the last couple of years.

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