I Feel Pretty in my New Dress from eShakti!

I was recently offered a free dress from eShakti, and of course, who would turn down a free dress. eShakti is different. They are an online, custom dress maker offering sizes from 0 to 36W. If you are a standard size, they offer traditional standard sizing. If however, you are not a traditional size, you can enter your measurements and they will make a dress to fit your body perfectly! I am a petite 5’1″ but happen to have a larger bust size – yup, not the norm when it comes to petite girls! This makes it impossible to find really great fitting clothes, especially dresses. I was a little nervous about ordering online without being able to try the item on first, but, I entered my measurements and the dress fits very nicely! I was actually pleasantly surprised. Their styles are a bit retro, the positive being these dresses won’t go out of style any time soon, and you can be sure there won’t be anyone else at the party with the same dress as yours! I wouldn’t call myself a fan of retro, but I must admit I do feel incredibly feminine wearing a pretty dress with a full skirt. It made me want to twirl like a kid! They are definitely worth a look and to top it off, they are offering my readers a discount of 20% when you order before March 10th! Just log on to their site, eshakti.com and enter the discount codeĀ NTTVENTRTN.

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