I must be doing something right!

Just a quick intuitive eating story involving my 8 year old. On Friday, he went to a birthday party and had pizza for lunch and a slice of birthday cake. The party was from 12-2PM. At 3 he had his piano lesson and every week at the end of the lesson his teacher gives him a piece of chocolate. So, this week Mr Didden says, “what type of chocolate would you like Charlie.” And, here is the best part!!! Charlie replied, “nah, I don’t want any this week, I just had cake at a birthday party.” After I nudged Charlie to say, “No, thank you” I wanted to jump up and down and cheer. The kid gets it! Needless to say, Mr Didden was so shocked by a kid turning down chocolate, he almost didn’t believe Charlie, he thought Charlie was joking. I just beamed with pride at that moment.

Even though the dietitian in me cringes whenever Mr. Didden offers chocolate as a reward, I have to have faith in my kid’s ability to know when they are full and when they are not. If I never let Charlie have chocolate there is no way in He** he would have turned it down no matter how much birthday cake he had before. Way to go Charlie!!

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