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Lay Off the Fat People not Lay off the Fat, People

Above is a link to an interesting article that promotes the idea that people in larger bodies are not necessarily unhealthy. An emphasis on health is a more important message rather than an emphasis on achieving a smaller body. Especially since a new study was just published that found a low calorie diet does not promote weight loss. When monkey’s were given 30% less calories than they were used to, the monkey’s didn’t lose weight, it appears that they become less active in an attempt to “conserve energy”. Monkey’s don’t lose weight with dieting alone, and niether will you 😉

Diet alone unlikely to cause weight loss

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  1. 1Dental

    Good blog 🙂 That is a helpful idea to think of how much you eat directly relating to how much you actively do. I think many people, my self included, want it one way or the other, diet or exercise, not both. Thanks for posting!

  2. Yes, unfortunately, it seems dieting alone is not the answer- but, the good news is by tuning in to your hunger and satiety cues you can lose weight in a healthy natural way and still have enought energy to exercise as well.


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