Motivational Monday: Choose a Power Word!

By Katie Petroka – soon to be graduate student – studying nutrition

Have you ever really wanted something but felt it was completely unattainable? Goals: from toning up for bikini season, to getting your dream job, to eating more vegetables… are important to us. No matter how small a goal may seem, a positive outlook is crucial. Our attitude is the catalyst that can take these aspirations from ideas to reality!

This week, try picking one positive word to live by to help set your intention for achieving your goals for that week. Perhaps you have been facing a tough week at work. Choose a word such as “determination” to give yourself that extra push throughout the week. Maybe you aspire to eat healthier, choose a word like “discipline” to keep you on track with your eating goals. If you are lacking the self-confidence you need in order to thrive in your daily life, great words for you could be “believe” and “love”. The most fulfilling relationship we can have is with ourselves. We must believe in ourselves and love the unique person we are in order to live happy fulfilling lives. What if you cannot pinpoint it but you’re just not feeling yourself? Perhaps you need to find your own inner “chi”. A great word could be “balance”. As individuals we all must find balance within ourselves in order to find balance with a healthy lifestyle.

This one word can be written on a post-it on your mirror, as a reminder in your phone, on your fridge, or written in your planner. It should be on display wherever you will see it to be constantly reminded of your ambitions and how great you really are! When a goal matters to you enough, even if it seems impossible, you will find a way to achieve it.

When I feel a bit discouraged, choosing a meaningful word allows me to focus on a goal that may seem enormously unattainable at the time. In the past I have chosen words such as organized, communicator, and eating well. Having this one word in the back of my mind all week helped me to have direction when conquering a goal.

I have recently found myself succumbing to negativity surrounding the pressures of applying to graduate school. I chose a different path leading to graduate school and have worked ten times harder because of it. My word for this week is “perseverance”. I have decided to take that negative energy and turn it into a positive. What makes me different from the bunch is actually the very characteristic that makes me stronger.

Seeing the word “perseverance” on my mirror, my car and my fridge, reminds me why I am pursuing this goal in the first place. It would be awful to allow the negativity of others to hinder my progress in pursuing my dream. Goals are very personal. We cannot allow others to judge them or try to change them.  Choosing that one word that keeps our eye on the prize is a great reminder that we are worth the extra fight to achieve what is most important to us.

What goals do you hope to achieve and what words will help you through your journey? 

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