My 12 week wellness plan

After much stress and agony over the past year, I decided that my life is in need of a little tuning up. I preach balance to my clients all the time, and I know how hard it can be to achieve. None of us are perfect, and neither are our lives. We all have families, bills, chores and jobs tugging on our bodies and minds. Because these are the squeaky wheels in our lives, they get the most attention. Unfortunately, our selves are not normally squeaking too loudly, unless we have some type of major meltdown or illness.

Although I can’t say I have had either a major meltdown or illness, I have been feeling especially drained and overwhelmed lately. When you own your own business, it is the polar opposite of clocking in and clocking out every day. When I used to work in a hospital, I would bring my work home with me and would often think about my patients even when I wasn’t at work, but now that I have a business, I have taken that to a whole new level. I am always “at work”. There is almost never a time when I am not thinking about my business, or my clients or physically working on growing my business. Although I enjoy doing it, it is sometimes tempting to throw in the towel and read books all day.

Not to bore you with any more details of my life, skip ahead to now. I am entering the 3rd week of my plan on attempting to achieve some type of balance. Knowing that by consistently plugging away for a few minutes each day, one can accomplish great things. I have decided to but this into action. I have wanted to make exercise and meditation a consistent part of my life, as both can help you achieve a more balanced attitude. I will work on those areas first and then move into other areas I want to improve. More on that later…

For week 1, I started keeping a food journal. I ask my clients to do it, so I wanted to as well. It helps keep me mindful and reminds me to think about my hunger and satiety.

For week 2, I kept up the food journal and started walk/running 3 x a week and doing strength for 10 minutes 5 x a week.

For week 3, my goal is to keep up the walk/run and the strength and add 5 minutes of meditation each day. So far, so good. I did my mile this morning and then meditated for 5 minutes on the front porch while I cooled down. (I am still a mom, I can’t help multitasking!)

I’ll keep you posted on upcoming weeks.

Have you ever tried starting a fitness or wellness plan? How long did it last and what were the results? I would love to hear your story!

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