I provide personalized nutrition counseling and wellness plans for these common concerns.

  • Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Do you hate losing weight and gaining it all back?
  • Do you hate constantly trying a new fad diet or making special meals for yourself? Hate exercising?
  • Are you pregnant or nursing? Trying to conceive?
  • Got a picky toddler? Does your child only eat certain foods?
  • Does your child eat too much and suffer from inactivity?
  • Does your teen think s/he needs to diet, even though s/he is at a healthy weight?
  • Do you or your teen want to learn to love eating healthy? Improve body image?
  • Do you have a college student who suffers from the “Freshman Fifteen?”


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Hi! I'm Heather: a body positivity, Health at Every Size dietitian. When I'm not blogging about wellness, I'm spending time with my fabulous family. Sometimes, they wear me out, so then it's time to bake, read, knit, tie myself into a yoga pose, or continue to work my first novel... stay tuned.