Strength to Succeed

The final piece in achieving your goals is going to be using your resources. We all have resources we can call on. They may be friends, family, mentors, time or inspirational music or books. Maybe reading this blog or others offers you an inspirational resource! Look at your past, were there resources that you called upon to get you through? Use those again.

Personal story: When I was nursing my first child, I hated it! It was stressful and painful and time consuming like nobody’s business. I felt trapped. I knew it was the best thing for my child but it was so darn hard! I believe the only thing that kept me nursing was repeating to myself that it was a choice and that this could be the last day I nursed if I wanted it to be. By taking those baby steps, one day at a time, I was able to nurse until my son turned 1 and naturally weaned himself. That was a resource that worked for me: reminding myself that nursing was a choice and I only had to get through that day.

Books have also been a HUGE resource in my life, there are books on every topic known to man. There are books on achieving goals, and specific books on specific goals such as weight loss, starting an exercise regimen or healthy cooking.

Sometimes, we think we don’t have the resources to achieve our goal – we don’t have enough time or money. In this case, you may need to reorganize and make time or money available. What if you woke up a half hour earlier, or only watched 1 hour of TV a day or a week. Are you spending money on things that are not getting you closer to your goal? Maybe you can skip eating out twice a week and pay for a dietitian or personal trainer with the money you save by eating at home.

Come up with some ideas for baby steps and then take some time at the end of the week to reflect on how the week went. Let’s say your ultimate goal is to lose 15 pounds by summer. You decide to start this week by taking a walk each day. You try getting up a half hour earlier each day to fit in a walk. At the end of the week, upon reflection you realize that you were only able to get yourself out of bed on 2 of the mornings. This may not be the best step towards your goal. You decide to change from getting up earlier to taking a shorter lunch and fitting a walk in at lunchtime. You also ask a co-worker to walk with you (lunch time and the co-worker are both resources). You may find with this option, you are able to fit 5 walks in each week – now, you are on to something.

Don’t forget that you are not going for perfection, but for progress. Give yourself credit when you master a baby step, it moved you one step closer to your goal.

Ingrid Bergman said it best when she stated, “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”. Keep tweaking your baby steps until you are happy with the results.

Thanks for reading the posts on achieving your goals! Please feel free to post your goals or how your goals are going as a comment! I’ll try to remember to keep you posted on my goals as well!

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