Stress and weight loss  This is a great short video clip on how and why stress causes us to struggle with our weight. Interesting thoughts especially if you are one of those people who the more you stress about following your diet the less successful you are at losing weight. I know this is or was true for me back when I was trying to diet! Maybe this is part of why we moms have such a hard time losing weight after the baby is born- I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, baby equals increased stress. I would lose a lot of weight in the post-partum period, but then 9 months down the road the weight would start to creep back up, for me, chasing a 9 month old was a little stressful, especially since my babies were active all day and waking up at least once in the middle of the night! Baby’s cause stress in other ways too- they cost a lot of money and they leave little time to meditate or exercise or spend time with other loved ones (read, spouse). And the stress doesn’t end when they are no longer babies. This is just another example of how eating intuitively and mindfully can be a better way to lose weight.

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