"I found Heather on the Intuitive Eating website. I really wanted to work with someone who would help me address the underlying issues that were driving my eating habits versus a cookie cutter diet plan. Heather was very compassionate and non-judgemental, which allowed me to be honest about my struggles. She offered specific, practical strategies to guide me towards a more mindful relationship with food, and a more loving perspective toward my body. I can tell she genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to succeed!" -Cara I

“Dear Heather, Thank you so much for working with me, as I strive to find “what works for me”. You showed me how to eat right and cleared any confusion I had on bad advice that was given to me. The best thing about your approach is that it was tailored to fit me and my lifestyle. I learned that small steps can make a big impact. I am sleeping better and feel more energy throughout the day. You not only improved my life thru diet but also thru exercise with my new favorite app. “couch 25K”. You were very professional, knowledgeable, and flexible. Thank you again.” – Bud

“Thanks very much for meeting with us. I have to say that it was probably the best $100 I've spent in a long time. I hope that you enjoyed your vacation and will keep you in mind for any future dietary concerns.” - Nancy S.

“I was looking for someone that would help me make more nutritious choices and understand food labels. I wanted to learn how to eat better and cut back on snacking. I liked how knowledgeable and friendly Heather was. I feel more in control of my eating and less confused about what I can eat. The biggest thing I learned was to eat when I am hungry. Now my portions are in check and I fill my plate with more vegetables.” - Diane G.

"I met Heather when she presented at a ‘Getting Organized’ workshop held for students at Bucks County Community College this past fall. Heather spoke at our workshop about the importance of making healthy food choices that optimize energy and health for busy students. Her suggestions were well received by the students and her comparison exercise showing the actual calorie and nutritional value of commonly eaten meals really opened the eyes of many of the participants. We were very pleased that Heather could join us this semester and hope she will be available again next spring when we meet with a new group of students." - Marian C.

“I hope that anyone who wants to lose weight without constantly counting points, calories, etc, and who is not going to fall for some unhealthy gimmick or diet will find you. I am very glad that I met you because before I did, I was panicking and I felt out of control, like I was just going to keep gaining until I weighed 300 lbs. But now I don't feel that way; I'm not gaining any more and I feel like this is an internal thing that I can control. It's a matter of answering your needs; if you're upset about something, you need to acknowledge it and tell yourself it's okay to be upset. It's about realizing that food only cures hunger, it doesn't cure loneliness, anger or boredom. I really thank you for helping me to see that.” - Jerilyn B.

"I met with Heather a few times when trying to make some changes to my diet. Though my initial concern was weight loss, I actually learned a lot about myself. I started to be able to identify thoughts and feelings surrounding my eating habits and I was much more in tune with my physical and emotional needs. Thanks Heather for all of your help." - Pam P.

"Heather was so great to work with. She counseled my 15 year old daughter who is a vegetarian and gave her practical tips on eating healthy foods and keeping a balanced diet. She came to every meeting organized and armed with loads of information that was helpful and easy to understand. Heather also gave us some challenging and fun homework that we did together as a mother and daughter. I am so glad we had the chance to work with Heather. It made my daughter feel good about her food choices and it helped her feel more proactive about eating healthy. Thanks Heather!" -Marge H.

“I was referred to Heather by our Pediatrician. Our goal was to help our daughter and our family as a whole learn a healthier and more effective way of eating and cooking, and redirecting our approach to making better food choices. Heather is very realistic and down to earth, and made it very easy for my daughter, as well as myself to set, reach, and maintain goals that are attainable. She gave my daughter some "homework" that encouraged her to look at her diet as a way of life, not as a temporary fix. As well, she opened my eyes to what many may consider healthy or acceptable, as being poor choices. I have found the education to be very enlightening and helpful. As a whole, our family has changed our diet, and the foods we include as healthy choices, we exercise together, and talk openly about what we are eating. I feel that the changes we are making will not only help my daughter have better self-esteem, but also give her realistic guide lines for eating that she, as well as myself and my husband, will carry through life. It has been a very positive experience, and I would recommend Heater to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life.” - Shannon H.

"Heather has been such a huge help in my battle to lose weight. I always thought it was about removing things from what I ate. Not eating pizza, ice cream, chocolate, french fries, etc. Heather took the time to help me realize that it isn’t about giving things up, it is about moderation, portion control, and eliminating the feeling of guilt. Thanks to Heather I now know that having one slice of pizza a week is OK and better than giving it up for a month and then binging on a whole pizza. She has helped in boosting my self confidence and making me aware of all my wonderful qualities. I am now confident that I have the ability to reach my goal because Heather helped me figure out the underlying reasons of why I was overeating. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight or maintain their current weight without constantly counting calories. THANKS HEATHER!" - Kathleen L.