What is Intuitive Nutrition?

Intuitive Nutrition is a healthy, holistic approach to wellness. I will show you how to take charge of your health and your weight in a doable and realistic way.

If you have tried every diet out there, can’t stand the thought of another diet, but you, “don’t know what else to do”, you have come to the right place!

Intuitive Nutrition can help you:

  • Learn to take charge of your weight and health. You will become your own “nutrition expert.”
  • Learn to identify your personal triggers for mindless eating.
  • Begin to value quality not quantity.
  • Begin to appreciate food- smell, taste, texture, presentation.
  • Lose weight in a natural, healthy way – No pills or potions involved.

Then work with a Registered Dietitian to increase your chances of successful weight loss! Visit our web site at http://www.intuitive-nutrition.com/ for more information.

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