While we are on the topic of recipes…Easy Chicken Soup

I made this soup last week, right before the first dumping of snow. I was at Sam’s Club and purchased one of those Rotisserie Chickens. We  the chicken breast with gravy and mashed potatoes that night. The next day I made chicken soup with the leftovers. Here is what I did.

I took the leftover drumsticks and boiled them (w/ skin and bone) in 32 oz of store bought Chicken Broth. I like College Inn. I boiled them for about 15 minutes then scooped them out with a slotted spoon.

I added cut up chicken and diced carrots to the broth and let them boil for 30 minutes.

Then I added a half a pound of pasta. I used Acini Di Pepe, but any small pasta would work. Boil for another 10 minutes or so until pasta is tender.

The result was a tasty, easy chicken soup that all 3 of my kids loved. This soup would also be perfect for feeding babies over 9 months and toddlers. I think the small pasta made it more appealing to the kids.

I had to keep adding water each time I reheated it because the pasta continued to absorb broth, which helped it to stretch. It freezes well too.

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