Yoga, more than moves on a mat.

I did a presentation yesterday at a local community college. I was one of 4 speakers providing a workshop to students and faculty on getting organized. One of the other presenters was an organization professional who is also a certified yoga instructor. I have never in my life ever met anyone who completely lives in the moment as this woman does. She was fascinating. We all asked her, “How do we get to the place where we don’t worry about the future?” She simply stated that worry won’t change the outcome. True, but how does one get there? She said that as we begin to delve deeper into a yoga practice, yoga becomes more than just doing moves on a mat, it becomes a way of life. A way to begin to stay mindful, live in the moment. Realize that not only will worrying not change the outcome, but who is to say that the outcome is not going to be the best thing to happen at any given moment.

Little did I know, that her words would provide me some much needed comfort 10 minutes later when I realized that not only would my power point not work, but the organizer had completely forgot to make copies of the handouts I had created to hand out to the participants. The yoga instructor simply stated, “You don’t know, maybe there is a reason why your power point is not working”. A reason other than me copying it to my flash drive incorrectly. Maybe, the students will get more from the presentation if I have to stand up there and completely wing it! Well, I survived and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so I must be stronger today than I was 24 hours ago! Everything happens for a reason, and I am so glad to have met this yoga instructor because now I have a new person to add to my ever expanding list of wellness professionals. I am sure I have clients that would benefir from her services, hust as she may have clients that would benefit from mine. Her name is Figen Genco and her site is

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